More than a place... Live The Journey

The Way it's a space that suggests the search and inner transformation, inviting you to share and enjoy life in direct contact with art in all its expressions.

It is a lifestyle that invites you to walk lightly, to put into practice a different way of living, fuller, aligned to your deepest truth.

It shows you a journey through diverse paths, that with dedication can take you to the transformation of your being, possibility that we want to offer to all those who are interested in going through a journey to the deepest part of themselves.

Share experiences

The Way invites us to integrate our potential, expanding our way of seeing the world and its infinite possibilities of development, opening us to love, to the freedom to choose and to be protagonists of our history to create the best version of ourselves.

In this journey we learn many lessons, that they are not complete if we do not share them with others and live them deeply. The Way, apart from being a space for human development, is a space to share.

The Way was created in order to have a special place where we can count on activities that help us to evolve and complete the path towards the integral being that we want to achieve, without forgetting our environment and reality.

We believe that wellbeing goes beyond personal development, is cultivated through the encounter, to share experiences, to exchange knowledge, dialogue and fun, that's why we offer you several recreational areas.

The way to Santiago de Compostela

We are conceptually inspired on the way to Santiago de Compostela, so we seek to bring that essence...